Conventional Cotton Vs Organic Cotton

Conventional Cotton Vs Organic Cotton

Cotton is the most used natural fiber on the planet due to the higher durability, breathability and comfort it provides in comparison to other man-made fibers in the world. 

Yet cotton today comes with its own sets of challenges due to its higher water consumption and use of chemicals (Pesticides) to increase productivity. This conventional way of growing cotton is very hazardous to the health of the farmers working in the cotton fields and to the fertility of the soil. 

The increasing use of chemicals in its production will eventually cause the soil to lose its fertility and make it difficult to grow cotton. About 14% of all insecticides in the world are used only for cotton. 

Moreover, about 3% of all the clean water we use is only used for this crop alone

The GMO cotton seeds require farmers to increasingly use chemicals to keep pests away. This results in loss of soil fertility and farmers being forced into debt as they buy and store expensive GMO seeds and different chemicals. 

The inevitable outcome is one of the most important reasons behind farmer suicides all around the globe, particularly in India.

How come our shirts are Sustainable for the planet?

Phutro Man uses GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified 100% Organic Cotton which is all about working with nature rather than against it.

Organic cotton relies on natural systems and processes of nature to control pests and disease, and build soil fertility. It relies on using naturally occurring fertilizers that are free of chemicals, such as cow manure, compost, etc. This improves the soil quality and enhances the nutrition of the crops. 

Some of the benefits of using organic cotton are:


By using 100% Organic Cotton, Phutro Man, as a brand, supports the cotton farmers of India and provides sustainable and environment friendly products to our customers.

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