PHUTRO MAN embraces durability, functionality and sustainability in men’s clothing. With the simple desire of simplifying decision making and improve consumer purchasing behavior PHUTRO MAN only introduces two basic collections (winter and Summer) every year outside the concept of seasonal collections and fast-moving trends.

Celebrating the value of long-term usage through aging and care, all products are made using 100% natural fabrics in partnership with artisans with the highest quality and least impact on the environment. PHUTRO MAN produces clothes in its own garment manufacturing facilities based in Jaipur and Pushkar, thus having a direct control over the factory management for ensuring fair manufacturing practices.

The designer and founder of PHUTRO MAN, Vishan Choudhary, started this brand with the sole objective of seeking sustainability in the fashion world. He deliberately decided to swim against the current of trend-based design and planned obsolescence, in order to work in a more conscious and interdisciplinary way.